Traditional wooden beaters, but form and function are just beautiful when made by Stevie.


Every style of beater you could want in a single grip style, so the feel and handle are always familiar.

Hot Rod

Hot rod beaters will be familiar to kit drummers, and produce the same kind of powerful, complex sound on bodhráns.


Pick from a range of brush materials and grip styles to get just the right combination of swishiness and handling to suit your performance.


That warm velvetty sound in either a traditional double ended form or in the popular Mo-Grip style.


Choose from a range of split tippers for subtle or more assertive effects.

Practice Pad

Practice your beater handling skills without waking the family or neighbours.

Stevie Moises

Stevie is a master woodturner, based in Bavaria. As a co-founder of the world renowned Troyan Drums, he has considerable experience building and playing all kinds of drums and instruments.  As a drummer himself, he was of course using his skills to make his own drumsticks. In 2002 he began working with Christian Hedwitschak on developing a line of bodhrán beaters, or tippers as he calls them, and since then he has expanded the range of beaters he makes for Christian and under his own name, over 50 different models now.  In his own words:

Long, extensive tests, trial runs and collaborative efforts with professional bodhrán players are the foundation of my tipper making.

The constant further development of tippers, and striving to fulfil my customers’ requirements and wishes is very important to me.

I also take great pains to ensure that my products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Stevie Moises on the Blog