Introducing the MOpHed

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Christian Hedwitschak, Product News, Stevie Moises | 0 comments

Blackwell Original Drums are pleased to add the MOpHED to our product lineup, in stock now.

A great tool for encouraging practice at all those places and times it might be socially inappropriate to pull out your BODdrum – like the middle of the night or the middle of a dull conference call – the MOpHED is a great practice pad designed and made by Stevie Moises, who makes all the wonderful beaters we sell, in collaboration with master bodhrán maker Christian Hedwitschak.

With a playing surface diameter of 14.4 cm (about 5.75 inches) it helps you focus your practice on precision playing and stick control – you will hear it clearly if you miss the pad! An elastic strap slips easily over your hand to keep it secure, and allows you to manage the angle of the MOpHed to mimic how you hold your bodhrán.

The Remo Skyntone surface is a synthetic head that very closely mimics the feel of a traditional calf or goatskin, perfect for those who play a traditional bodhrán. BODdrum players will find it a bit less responsive than our centre spot or hydraulic heads, but that is all to the good for practice purposes, helping you develop a firm and focussed stroke.

The natural rubber behind the skin damps the sound so your neighbours, your dozing partner, or your boss will never notice your practice sessions. As with all Stevie’s products, the woodwork and construction are beautiful and meticulous; this is wonderfully fit for purpose and will last for years.

John has made recordings of his practice session, and actually found it quite difficult to record, the sound was so gentle and muted.  Perfect for you practicing discreetly, not so great for us trying to demo it over the internet, but give a listen.  In this first sound bite, John is playing with a traditional solid macassar beater, the ME5.

In the next sound bite, John was using a BOD beater.  It’s rather nice, you can hear clearly the clicking of the walnut rods on the ebony core, which can get lost in the power of the BOD drum sound.

For full details of the MOpHED please see the  Bodhrán Practice Pad page.  If you are interested in either of the beaters, and to view the full range of beaters, check out the Beaters page.  Our price list is accessible on the right hand margin, or through our Purchasing page.  UK Customers only can buy beaters and the MOpHED and more through our on-line BOD Shop.


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