Two New Beaters and a Drum Stand

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BOD are pleased to let you know we have expanded our beater selection yet again, and, drumroll, we finally have some great, simple, functional drum stands so you can safely set down your bodhrán for a moment without risk of damage or rolling away.

Another Olive Wood beater from Stevie Moises joins the line up of traditional double ended beaters. Stevie calls the OW 7 “A straightforward tipper for all levels and playing styles.” This beater is a little different in having defined 17 mm diameter balls on each end. At 24.5 cm long, it’s a few cm longer than the OW 14 and OW 15 tippers, and at 25 grams in weight, falls between those two. See full details on the Olive Wood OW 7 product page.

In the Makassar range we have added Stevie’s ME-11, which is shaped like a classic kit drumstick. It has a slightly rounded butt end 9mm in diameter which tapers down to a 6 mm defined ovoid tip. Made of tough but beautifully marked makassar wood, 23.5 cm long and just 14 grams.  Again, full details on the Makassar ME-11 product page.

And finally, we finally have some drum stands.  For such a fundamental need and simple object, you would think you could find them… but no.

A local fellow musician is also a dedicated wood worker, and has made these stands to our design. We have them in a natural wood finish and for fun, our friend painted a few with slightly iridescent paint effects.

The stands work for all sizes and styles of bodhráns, supporting them safely and easily – set down your drum, job done.  Note that with BODdrums, because of the rolled edge, you need to set down the drum so the roll is off the back edge of the vertical supports.  See full details on the product pages for the plain wooden stands or the painted finish stands.

Christian and Stevie are both catching up with production after the summer holidays. Anything on back order here on the BOD site is likely to be re-stocked in the coming weeks, but as always, if you have a particular need, drop us a line through the contact form, and we will be in touch to help you out.


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