BOD’s Beater Range

by | Nov 4, 2020 | BODdrum, Product News, Stevie Moises | 0 comments

We have recently restocked the BOD Shop with a fresh supply of beaters, just what you need to liven up the new round of lockdown, or get ahead on your holiday gift giving.

Our Beaters page gives you a detailed description of every beater in our range – and we have a great range from the assertive and weighty BODBeater made exclusively for us, all the way to the delicate MellMo, which is ideal for gentle accompaniment to vocals, or creating a lovely subliminal bass note in an ensemble group.  In addition, we have Cormac Byrne’s Bodhrods which offer a fantastic variety of sound from high pops to big warm bass tones.

This short video gives you a really close up look at four of our favourites:  the RockMo, JazzMo, MellMo and the BODBeater.

[wpvideo 70DiP2JT]

In addition, our basic video introduction to the BODdrum demonstrates the sounds of these beaters, beginning around 57 seconds into the video and then continuing throughout as John uses them on the different sizes and skins of our basic BODDrum range.

[wpvideo 61B1tjYb]

Both of these are also on our Videos page, along with some wonderful performance videos from professionals Cormac Byrne and Evan Carson, well worth a listen.


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