BOD offers a range of accessories, working with only the best producers and craftsmen, to bring you a special selection of beaters, a choice of drum cases and more.

Note that all BODdrums and the Talking Bodhrán are supplied with tuning wrenches, but spares are available for purchase as well.

To buy or make further inquiries about any of our products, please visit the Purchasing page.


BOD offer a range of beaters produced by Stevie Moises: our exclusive BODbeater, three of his MoGrip range which perform particularly well with the BODdrum, and Cormac Byrne’s three Bodhrods.

BOD Sound Bar

The BOD Sound Bar is unique in the world of drumming and opens an incredible new soundscape with your BODdrum.


HARDCASE produce a custom travel case for the 14 inch BODDrum, available exclusively through us.

Protection Racket Cases

Protection Racket’s well constructed and padded soft cases are perfect for all BODdrums: 14″, 16″ and 18″.