Every musician has their favourite accessories, things they found or designed to meet a need.

We here at BOD recommend some CDs of great music from the bodhrán players we find most inspiring, two of whom happen to use our Talking Bodhrán.  We sell our drums with tuning wrenches, but if you need a spare, this is the place to find it.

Cormac Byrne’s Talking Sound Bar, designed in collaboration with us here at BOD, is unique in the world of bodhrán playing, and using it will take you into some pretty amazing sound worlds.

Christian Hedwitschak offers a device to add a snare-drum effect to your bodhrán playing and a really well designed adjustable and removeable HEDstrap to support your bodhrán if you like to play standing up.

Stevie Moises collaborated with Christian to create the MOpHED – a great little practice pad, so you can work on your beater technique quietly, any time and any where.

CD Toggy Mess

Extraordinary, inspiring bodhrán playing from Mog, master bodhrán maker and player.

CD Ocipinski

Bodhrán player Evan Carson’s debut album, a musical homage to his grandfather and the Polish Resistance of WWII.

CD Stone Soup

Inspiring percussion by Cormac Byrne on both traditional bodhrán and the Talking Bodhrán.

CD Hollowbone

Great modern folk with Cormac Byrne on bodhrán and percussion.

BOD Tuning Wrench

If you need a spare… here you go.

Talking Sound Bar

Available exlusively from BOD, developed for Cormac Byrne to extend the incredible range of sound possible with the Talking Bodhrán.


Adjustable anti-slip strap system holds your drum securely without damaging the finish and sits comfortably on the body for playing on your feet. Fits all bodhráns from 33-45 cm (13-18″).


An ingenious device to produce a snare drum like rattling sound as you play.


The MOpHED Bodhrán Practice Pad is ideal for practicing quietly and developing your stroke mastery.