Kerry Style Traditional Beaters Now in Stock

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Beaters, Product News, Stevie Moises | 0 comments

BOD has just re-stocked many of your favourite beaters, and while we were at it, we decided to bring in two very traditional Kerry style beaters for those of you who love your trad bodhrán playing.

At first glance very similar, there are subtle differences that will help you to choose between the OW 14 and OW 15. While both have that essential slender mid-stick grip area and pronounced olive shaped end knobs, the OW 14 is a little shorter and a little heavier, at 21 cm long with a mid grip diameter of 10mm.  The OW 15 has a mid stick area of just 8 mm but with a small knurl at the midpoint to help your grip, and the stick is overall a little longer at 22.5 cm.  Both have a maximum diameter of 21 mm at the knob ends. The OW 14 weighs 27 grams, to the OW 15’s 23 grams.

These have been beautifully hand crafted by Stevie Moises, who recommends these two for beginning bodhrán players.

The OW signifies that these beaters have been turned from Olive Wood. Olive is the hardest and heaviest wood native to Europe, with a natural lustre and beautiful markings in warm shades of brown, from pale creamy or sandy tones to dark chocolate brown streaks. The grain can be straight or burled. As olive trees grow in nearly all the Mediterranean countries, it is a sustainable and readily sourced wood, making it ideal in every way for crafting modern tippers.


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