As a drummer for folk bands, ceilidh bands and Morris sides, I was often frustrated that my traditional drums were losing tune according to the weather. Being an engineer, I set out to find a solution and Blackwell Original Drums (BOD) was born.

We created the BOD Drum, our first product, in the form of a traditional bodhrán but with a metal shell and synthetic drum skin, which holds its tune in the best and worst of English weather.

But more importantly, we found we had created a new sound for the bodhrán – bright, loud and full of attack, expanding the repertoire of voices and moods for the bodhrán player.  Renowned drummer Cormac Byrne was so intrigued and enthusiastic we collaborated to create a model adjusted to his own preferences for build, finish, skin, and essential accessories, which Cormac calls a “Talking Bodhrán”.

We now produce a range of bodhráns including the Talking Bodhrán, offer a variety of beaters and cases, and are developing new percussion instruments.

Keep in touch through our blog and Facebook for news of these exciting new products.

John Blackwell
Blackwell Original Drums