As a master cabinet maker and bodhrán player himself, Christian’s hand built wooden bodhráns balance
materials, construction and finishing for a brilliant playing experience.


Christian Hedwitschak has collaborated with Stevie Moises to design some exclusive beaters.


Carrying cases designed to Christian’s specifications to suit his bodhráns and beaters.


Christian Hedwitschak’s accessories are all designed by him to meet the needs of the bodhrán player.

Christian Hedwitschak

A master cabinet maker based in Bavaria, Christian had been a bodhrán player in a couple bands for some years and still couldn’t find exactly what he wanted in a bodhrán. He set out to make it himself, and ultimately left behind mainstream cabinet making to become a professional bodhrán maker.

But being a master craftsman in wood isn’t all it takes to make a superb bodhrán.  Christian works closely with a producer of premium natural skins, and developed his own tuning system for his drums. All of his products are tested, not just in use by himself and a wide range of bodhrán players, but in sound labs, where frequency analyses have been conducted on all his drums.  In his own words:

The bodhrán has become the focus and mainstay of my life. So it makes me all the happier that my hard work is paying off, and that so many professional musicians all over the world are playing my instruments and recommending them to others.

Christian Hedwitschak and Blayne Chastain have created a video to introduce Christian and his bodhráns.  Bonus:  you will meet Stevie Moises, tipper maker, too.

Christian Hedwitschak on the Blog