BOD Re-Opens With Hedwitschak and Moises On Board

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BOD has settled into our new quarters and unpacked, so we are able to resume prompt replies and shipping of goods again.

You may recall that part of our work during this hiatus was to re-assess our pricing in a post-Brexit world, and we weren’t the only ones trying to make sense of new regulations on both sides of the Channel.

As a result, we are proud to announce that BOD is the exclusive importer and re-seller of Christian Hedwitschak Bodhráns and Stevie Moises Tippers for Great Britain.

Christian Hedwitschak, Bodhrán Maker

Christian Hedwitschak is a master cabinet maker who couldn’t find a perfect bodhrán for his own playing, and decided to make one for himself.  He makes a range of wooden bodhráns with natural skins and no bar across the back.

His drums are simply beautiful as examples of wood working craftsmanship and a delight to play. But more importantly  Christian became intrigued by the technical aspects of tuning the natural skins – not to control to a specific pitch, but to create an even tension across the skin.  He has designed several unique tuning systems, all rigorously tested in sound studios, which suit different playing styles and desired sound worlds. BOD now stocks a full range of his ready made drums, suitable for amateur and professional alike, and his range of accessories.

To learn much more about Christian and his bodhráns, visit the Bodhrán Maker website.

Stevie Moises, Tipper Maker

Stevie Moises needs no introduction to our customers – we have been carrying a selection of his tippers and beaters since we opened for business and collaborated with him on the design of the BOD Beater which he makes exclusively for us.

Stevie is a master woodturner and as a drummer and percussionist has been involved in drum making and of course making his own drumsticks for years.  As Christian Hedwitschak’s bodhrán making business grew, he invited Stevie to make tippers for him, and the tipper business has grown ever since, to include a full range of tippers, hot rods, brushes and more, over 50 different models.

What is new is that we will now be able to offer the entire range of Stevie’s tippers here in the UK, as fast as he can make them for us!

Stevie’s website is, and you can view the full range there.

More BOD News

In order to properly represent Christian and Stevie in Great Britain, and to make our own BOD drums and accessories more accessible, we are in the middle of a complete website re-design, to include a full on-line shop.  Need we say, this takes time and care, as we want it to be absolutely right and functioning correctly from day one. We hope to launch in late May or early June, internet gremlins permitting.

So for now, we invite you to look at our own BOD Drums, Cormac Byrne’s Talking Bodhrán and a range of accessories on this site, Christian’s Bodhrán Maker website and Stevie’s sites, and then contact us to place your orders.  We have some stock already on hand and more will be arriving steadily from Germany in the coming weeks.  (Note that buyers from Northern Ireland will do best to order directly from Germany under current rules).

And finally – it looks as if some folk festivals will be going ahead this summer, we have had confirmation from at least two venues and are awaiting word on others.  Details will be available soon and we look forward to seeing you and showing you the new ranges this summer.


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