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BOD is relocating to spacious new quarters, which will open fantastic new opportunities once we are settled in.

Unfortunately, during the moving period, our on line shop will be on hiatus, until we can access our goods and fulfill orders promptly again.

Please do contact us to let us know your needs, and we can give you an update on the situation in regards to the particular instrument or accessory you need.

UK Customers only can now purchase our Beaters, Talking Sound Bar and MOpHED Bodhrán Practice Pad in the shop below.

To purchase one of our drums, cases or other items, please contact us directly.

International customers – please contact us directly for assistance on all products.

Note that each “Buy Now” button corresponds only to the item described directly above the button. You will be taken to a Paypal page where you can pay with debit or credit card or use your own Paypal account if you wish.  You will be charged for the item plus UK postage and packaging as described above each button.

If you are buying multiple items, you will need to make each purchase individually, and when we prepare for shipping, we will adjust the postage if necessary and credit you for any overpayment.

For more details and discussion of the playing style of each of our beaters please look at our Beaters page.  Also, if you would like to hear the hot-rod style beaters played on a BODdrum, take a listen to John’s demo video on our Videos page.



Made exclusively for BOD to our own design, you won’t find this anywhere else. Hot rod style featuring 8mm of ebony for the centre rod, surrounded by 9 walnut rods of 4mm each. Approx 34 mighty grams of weight and 24 cm long.

BODBeater £40.00 + £5.50 UK shipping


Cormac Byrne bodhrods

A bundle of 12 x 3mm rods split into two bundles of 5 and 7 rods. Approx 23 cm long and 25 to 27 grams, depending on choice of wood: All maple (light wood), all walnut (dark wood) or the Hybrid (5 x walnut, 7 x maple rods).

Cormac Byrne Bodhrod All Maple £35.00 + £5.50 shipping

Cormac Byrne Bodhrod All Walnut £35.00 + £5.50 shipping

Cormac Byrne Bodhrod Hybrid £35.00 + £5.50 shipping


MellMo Beater

19 bamboo dowels of 3mm each, split at the end, approx 25 grams, 24.5 cm long

MellMo £45.00 + £5.50 UK shipping


JazzMo Beater

33 walnut dowels of 2mm diameter each, approx 25 grams, 24.5 cm long

JazzMo £45.00 + £5.50 UK shipping


RockMo Beater

7 walnut dowels of 5mm each, approx 28 grams, 24.5 cm long

RockMo £45.00 + £5.50 UK shipping


ClickMo Beater

A split tipper with a central core and four flanks, approx 24 grams and 26 cm long

ClickMo £45.00 + £5.50 UK shipping


Traditional Beater ME-4

A traditional double ended macassar wood beater, the ME-4 has heavy 11.5 mm ends which taper very gradually to an 8mm mid section. 23 cm long and 21 grams.

Traditional ME-4  £22.00 + £5.50 UK shipping


Traditional Beater ME-5

A traditional doubled ended macassar wood beater, the ME-5 has short thick ovoid ends of 13mm diameter and a long mid section of 8mm diameter.  23 cm long and 18 grams.

Traditional ME-5  £22.00 + £5.50 UK shipping


Traditional Beater ME-A

A macassar wood beater designed for single end playing, the ME-A can also be used double-ended with strikingly different effects from each end. The  9.5 mm diameter tip narrows to a waistline of just 7 mm, then gradually widens to a 13 mm diameter butt end. 26 cm long and 19 grams.

Traditional ME-A  £28.00 + £5.50 UK shipping


Talking Sound Bar

It may look like a pint pot, but this aluminium Talking Sound Bar will help you create an extraordinary range of sound from lovely sustained bass notes to a samba band high pops. Opens up worlds of music you wouldn’t expect from a bodhrán.

Talking Sound Bar

£65.00 + £5.70 UK Shipping


The MOpHED Bodhrán Practice Pad, developed by Stevie Moises and Christian Hedwitschak, is ideal for practicing without disturbing the neighbours, or under the desk during all those conference calls.

£38.00 + £5.20 UK shipping