The BOD on-line shop offers a variety of cases for your drums and beaters.

Here at BOD, our own favourites are the thickly padded Protection Racket cases which come in sizes to fit our 14, 16 or 18 inch drums. Pack your drum and tuck a change of clothes inside, and you have a carry-on with everything you need.

Christian Hedwitschak has designed a very affordably priced HEDbag in two sizes and the higher end HEDCase in three sizes with thick padding, a protective liner for your drum and a removeable flat case for your tippers.  Christian also makes a great, generously sized PockHED to hold all your beaters.

Protection Racket

Tough, durable and well thought out cases to fit 14, 16 or 18 inch drums

Christian Hedwitschak Cases

Christian’s own cases to fit the CoreLine range of drums, and a great bag for your beaters.