Every beater sold on our site has been hand made by Stevie Moises in Germany, all to the same high standard of beautiful woods exquisitely hand crafted. Stevie is a master woodturner, co-founder of a kit drum manufacturer, and a percussionist himself, so he knows his business from all sides!

When we launched the BODdrum we knew we needed a beater to really play up the unique qualities of our drums, and worked with Stevie to create the BODbeater, a hot rod style with an ebony core for a bit of weight, to create a great strong and deep sound. Since then we have designed some more unique tippers, either of shorter length for really agile playing, or of a unique material.  All the BOD branded beaters are available exclusively from us.

Cormac Byrne collaborated with Stevie to create his Bodhrods of walnut, maple or a combination of the two. The bundle of rods is divided in two, but adjustable, so Cormac, and you, can get “those big warm bass notes but also those tight high pops in the top end” that characterise Cormac’s style.

Christian Hedwitschak also collaborated with Stevie to develop the HEDrod series, hot rod style beaters with a consistent grip style across the range, as well as several other beaters with a unique oval grip shape.

Finally, in Stevie Moises’ own shop we offer a broad range of beaters which he makes and sells under his own name.  All of his beater designs are extensively tested and trialled within the bodhrán community before they are added to his range, and Stevie ensures his products are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

BOD Beaters

Designed by us in collaboration with Stevie Moises, BOD offer some unique beaters we created to fill gaps in the market.

Cormac Byrne Bodhrods

Cormac’s Bodhrod design is “capable of producing those big warm bass notes but also those tight high pops in the top end” which characterise his own unique playing style.

Christian Hedwitschak Beaters

Christian and Stevie have collaborated to create beaters with unique grip designs that suit the full range of playing styles.

Stevie Moises Beaters

Under his own brand Stevie makes a wide range of beaters from traditional to special effect.