Olive Wood OW 15

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Double ended Kerry style beater of Olive Wood. Centre grip area 8 mm diameter with a knurl at the midpoint, end knobs max 21 mm diameter. 22.5 cm long and 23 grams.

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The OW 15 is a traditional Kerry style beater, with a slender 8 mm diameter centre grip area with a small knurl at the centre point, tapering out to 21 mm diameter knobs at each end. At 22.5 cm long and 23 grams of weight, it is light and easy to handle. A great first beater for someone learning to play bodhrán in the traditional style.

Olive wood is the hardest and heaviest wood native to Europe, with a natural lustre and beautiful markings in warm shades of brown, from pale creamy or sandy tones to deep brown or almost black streaks. The grain can be straight or sometimes burled, almost marbled looking.  As olive trees grow in all the Mediterranean countries it is a sustainable and readily sourced wood, making it ideal in every way for crafting modern tippers.

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Dimensions 22.5 × .21 × .21 cm


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