Special Offer on a Christian Hedwitschak CoreLine Black ChangeHED Drum

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ETA: Well that was quick!!  Thank you, this has now been sold.

BOD has a unique offering for our customers on a CoreLine Black ChangeHED drum together with both the Edlauer Select Premium Goatskin head that comes as standard with a Black ChangeHED and a Remo Skyntone synthetic head. See the full product listing for the Special Offer CoreLine Black.

Christian sent this CoreLine Black ChangeHED to a customer so they could try out the synthetic head before finalising an order for a custom drum. The customer played a bit on the synthetic head, and then went on to commission the custom drum from Christian.  Due to the post-Brexit palaver of shipping goods between Germany and the UK the decision was made for BOD to take the kit into stock, rather than ask the customer to return it to Germany directly.

The only sign of use is on the black tape of the Remo Skyntone head – you can see the marks where a beater has passed over the tape.  The skin of the drum head itself appears unscathed, the body is in perfect condition inside and out, and the Edlauer Select Premium Goatskin head and tuning ring were never even taken out of their packaging.

Currently mounted on the drum shell is a Remo Skyntone head mounted on a special tuning rim designed for synthetic skins which incorporates the isolatHED technology. This system isolates the head and tuning ring from the body of the drum (learn more about isolatHED on Christian’s site here).

Christian chose the Remo Skyntone as an alternative to a natural skin for its authentic sound and its ability to remain virtually unaffected by climatic conditions when playing outdoors or on a hot stage.

Remo describes this skin as having a warm tone and soft attack with a calfskin-like look and feel. The skin is constructed of a single ply of surface treated 5 mil film laminated to a 3 mil polyspun fibre.

The drum with both heads is offered for sale at £495.00. The second head with its tuning rim would normally add close to £200.00 to the usual £332.00 price of a CoreLine Black. See the full product listing for the Special Offer CoreLine Black.

This is a one time offer, when this is sold, we don’t expect to have another such deal offered us.

We can of course always order additional heads for your CoreLine Black ChangeHED made from a variety of skins, but this is a great price for an all-but-new drum and second head.


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