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Ribbons 14 inch BODdrum was £500, now £450

To lift your late winter blues, BOD is offering our two 14 inch BODdrum “Uniques” at £50.00 off the full price from now through the end of February.

Ribbons is a rich purple with a design of entwined ribbons in lime and tomato colours. Normally £500.00, it’s now on sale for £450.00 (including VAT).

Carbon Fibre has a design of lime green or purple arabesques floating atop a shimmering black and silver background. Normally £550.00, it’s now on sale for £500.00 (including VAT).

Both drums have been hand painted by Hurricane Airbrush Art. The detail, depth of colour and lustre of the painting are simply gorgeous, and like all our drums, the finish is to a full automotive standard, tough and durable.


  • Size: 14” x 4”
  • Handmade in England by Blackwell Original Drums (BOD)
  • 14” Evans snare head, pale grey with edge control and power spot centre
  • Unique Hurricane Art hand painted airbrush artwork body finish to automotive standard
  • Comes with a tuning wrench

Carbon Fibre 14 inch BODdrum was £550 now £500

It is worth noting that the BODdrum is a metal drum with a synthetic head – no animal products were used in any of the components.

About BODdrums

If you are not yet familiar with our BODdrum, you are in for a treat. We created the BODdrum in the form of a traditional bodhrán but made of a metal shell and synthetic drum skin, so it holds its tune in the best and worst of English weather, indoors and out.

But more importantly, we created a new sound for the bodhrán – bright, loud and full of attack, expanding the repertoire of voices and moods for the bodhrán player. The sound sits well in all kinds of jazz, blues and world music settings, but the BODdrum can also be handled to sound very like a traditional bodhrán with just a bit more presence.

For us, as for many professional and amateur players, BODdrums now sit alongside our traditional wooden bodhráns in our instrumental line up, opening up new sound worlds from the essentially familiar format of the bodhrán.

Visit our Videos page to hear it for yourself – in addition to basic demo videos, listen to UTSAV, an ensemble of a classical Indian vocalist and traditional Indian instrumentalists improvising together with Cormac Byrne on the Talking Bodhrán (his custom version of the BODdrum) and other western Jazz instrumentalists. Evan Carson used his Talking Bodhrán in the haunting Ocipinski, a musical telling of his family’s experiences in the Polish Resistance during World War 2. To hear a BODdrum in a more traditional setting, listen to the Catch the Pigeon ceilidh band playing a traditional hornpipe.

Custom Finishes

One advantage of the spun aluminium shell is that it can take all kinds of custom finishes.  We work with the fantastic Hurricane Airbrush Art for airbrush artwork, and invited them to just go wild on a couple 14 inch shells. The results were Ribbons and Carbon Fibre featured above, two signed and numbered and absolutely stunning designs, each of which is unique and will not be made again.

Love the idea of a custom finish BODdrum, but prefer a 16 or 18 inch size, or have another design in mind? We can have your drum shell anodised, etched, polished to show up the beautiful aluminium, or painted in a huge range of solid colours and finishes, even other textures.

14 inch BODdrums come with a choice of edge control centre spot head or hydraulic head, and the 16 inch BODdrum and 18 inch BODdrums come with hydraulic heads, but you can choose between black, transparent blue or transparent red.

Take a look at our Custom Finishing page for some ideas and inspiration, then get in Contact with us to discuss the idea.






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