Christian Hedwitschak’s HEDge Drum Now Available at BOD

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Bodhrán, Christian Hedwitschak, Product News | 0 comments

We are delighted to announce that BOD has two of Christian’s new HEDge drums in stock. The concave figured ash frame with inlays of dark wenge wood is stunning, and at 40 cm diameter and 14 cm deep is comparable to the CoreLine Classic for size and weight.

So what’s new and special about these?  The HEDge is Christian’s first fully Vegan drum – in addition to using a Remo brand Skyntone synthetic drumhead, no animal products have been used in the making or finishing of the drum. But more than that, the HEDge name is meant to signify also the sustainable practices behind this drum shell.

Using an innovative design and state-of-the-art CNC (computer numerical control) production technology, high-quality drum rings can be made even from small pieces of off-cuts. This means wood from the entire tree trunk can be used, with no waste. The jigsaw puzzle-like wooden joints which were developed for this purpose not only ensure maximum stability, but look very decorative (see the header photo above). The dark oval inlays are made of strong Wenge wood.

In the HEDge, traditional craftsmanship and expertise working together with contemporary production technology has created a musical instrument of the highest standard.

The HEDge also uses the isolatHED technology which Christian developed to prevent vibration in the body of the drum affecting the sound from the drum head. Additionally, you can easily change the drum head and replace the Remo Skyntone with any industry standard 14 inch drum head of your choice.

See the full details in the HEDge product listing.

Interested in Vegan drums?  Besides the HEDge, don’t forget all BOD drums are fully vegan, and always have been.


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