Drum Stands in Plain Wood

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Simple functional drum stand, locally hand made of natural wood. Works for all bodhráns.

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For a fairly simple functional object, a good bodhrán drumstand is remarkably hard to find. A local fellow musician is also a dedicated wood worker, and has made these stands to our design. They work a treat. At ceilidhs John usually has at least 2 and perhaps 3 bodhráns on hand, and these make it easy to set them down and pick them up again without any trouble or fuss.

If you fancy something a bit fancy, do look at the painted finish drumstands too.

Notice in the photos – with a BODdrum, the rolled edge means you want to set down the drum so that the roll is beyond the end of the vertical supports, otherwise the drum will be pitched forward and unstable.

The photos show an 18 inch BODdrum, 16 inch BODdrum and John’s own old Renegade Rhythms 14 inch traditional drum on the stands. As you can see, the stands work for any size bodhrán, we have included a photo of the Christian Hedwitschak Maxi (45 cm diameter) and Mini (30 cm) side by side on the painted stands, and they work perfectly for both of those and everything in between too.

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