Bodhrán Practice Pad

Blackwell Original Drums are delighted to offer the MOpHED to our customers, a beautifully crafted practice pad developed especially for the bodhrán player by Stevie Moises and Christian Hedwitschak, master tipper maker and master bodhrán maker respectively.

Just about 7 inches in diameter overall with a 5.75 inch diameter head, the MOpHED fits neatly on the palm of your hand and is held securely by a broad elastic strap across the back.  The size is ideal for really practicing your beater mastery, focussing and controlling your strokes within a limited area. The beautiful wooden frame will tell you clearly if you’ve missed your stroke!

The Remo Skyntone surface is a synthetic head that very closely mimics the feel of a traditional calf or goatskin. This is ideal for those who play traditional bodhráns; BODdrum players will find it a bit less responsive than our synthetic centre spot or hydraulic heads, but that is all to the good for practice purposes, as it will help you develop a firm and focussed stroke.

Behind the skin is a natural rubber pad that damps the sound beautifully, so you can practice any time, any where, without disturbing family or neighbours.  The size makes it great for travel, too.

The sound it makes is so muted we struggled a bit to record good sound bites, but these should give you and idea.

Here, John is playing the MOpHED with an ME5 macassar traditional bodhrán beater:


The second recording was made using our exclusive BOD beater, and the soft sound of the practice pad really allows you to hear the lovely clicking of the walnut rods against the ebony core


Diameter: 17.5 cm
Playing surface: 14.4 cm
Thickness: 1.9 cm
Weight: approx. 170 g

Have a question, or interested in buying a MOpHED?  Download our Price List from the right hand sidebar, then contact us and we’ll help out.

We look forward to hearing from you.  And the neighbours might be looking forward to not hearing from you quite so often!