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BOD has opened an on-line Shop page.  UK customers only can choose from our full range of beaters and click to purchase through Paypal, paying with credit or debit card, or your own Paypal account.

All international sales and UK customers wanting anything other than the beaters should still contact us directly so we can answer your questions and get you the best quote for shipping charges.

Like all of you, we are disappointed the Covid pandemic has forced the cancellation of this summer’s music festivals, where we had hoped you would visit us and have a play with our drums and other products, and where, in the past, we have sold most of our drums and accessories. We appreciate that you will want to give our drums a try before making the investment.

Now that some of the restrictions around travel and gathering have been lifted, we would like to remind you that we are and always have been happy to arrange a meet-up so you can try out our drums before you buy.  As the drums are metal with an automotive paint finish and synthetic heads, we can easily sanitise the drums for your use, and of course we will meet outdoors and maintain an appropriate distance while you try them out. Get in touch with us and we will see what we can organise for you.

BODdrums have to be played to be fully appreciated. Our design brings together a synthetic tom or snare drum head with an aluminium shell, which may seem a bit radical to the traditional bodhrán player.  But when you take a BODdrum in your hands and begin to play you will find that our drums create a whole new vocabulary of tones from deep, soft and mellow, to bright and crisp, full of attack and varied expression. BODdrums can be played to sound like a traditional bodhrán, but they can also take you well beyond the traditional soundscape into jazz, classical and world rythms and anywhere else your own drumming style takes you.

And now that most of us will be playing outdoors more often, bear in mind that BODdrums will hold their tune in any conditions, rain or shine, hot or cold.

Take a look at our BOD Shop to purchase a beater now, or contact us directly to arrange a meet-up and try out a BODdrum or Talking Bodhrán.



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