RNCM Day of Percussion

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BOD will be in the vendors’ hall at the RNCM Day of Percussion on Sunday, 2 February – come along to a wonderful percussion event and visit us too!

The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester is a highly regarded conservatory which attracts top musicians from around the world.  On Sunday they are throwing open their doors to anyone who wants to learn more about professional percussion playing, with a series of inspirational clinics and performances.

Cormac Byrne and the Talking Bodhrán

Among the featured speakers will be Cormac Byrne (at 14:20 in the RNCM Theatre), with whom we created the Talking Bodhrán.  Cormac will be introducing his audience to Irish and Folk music percussion, with emphasis on the bodhrán,  but also demonstrating and discussing the bones and spoons.

Cormac tells us he will be working with both his traditional and his Talking Bodhráns during the presentation, and he will also have our prototype Talking Bones with him.

Meanwhile, in the vendor hall, we will have demo models of all our drums including Cormac’s Talking Bodhrán for you to try out.  For sale, we will have our last remaining Talking Bodhrán before new stock comes in, and a selection of our BODdrums, including our Uniques, and of course a good range of beaters.  We will also have a set of the prototype Talking Bones for you to play with.  Come say hello, have a play, and buy a drum!

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