Christian Hedwitschak HEDge Drum

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40 cm diameter by 14 cm deep, the HEDge features a stunning concave figured ash frame with inlays of dark wenge wood, isolatHED compressor tuning system and a HEDge universal Remo brand Skyntone synthetic drumhead, which Christian has hand taped. The six point tuning system is tool less, and the head can also be changed without tools. The HEDge is Christian’s first Vegan drum. Drum only.

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The Christian Hedwitschak HEDge Drum is a new addition to Christian’s line up of superb bodhráns. The concave figured ash frame with inlays of dark wenge wood is stunning, but the HEDge also features the isolatHED compressor tuning system and a HEDge universal Remo brand Skyntone synthetic drumhead, which Christian has hand taped to produce a unique, balanced sound. The 6 point tuning system is tool less, as in the CoreLine, and the HEDge can take any industry standard 14 inch drumhead, which can be swapped in without tools.

40 cm diameter, 14 cm deep, approx 1.64 kilos, this is comparable to Christian’s CoreLine Classic in size and weight.

The HEDge is also Christian’s first Vegan drum – besides the use of a synthetic head, no animal products have been used in the making or finishing of the drum. But more than that, the HEDge name is meant to signify also the sustainable practices behind this drum shell.

Using an innovative design and state-of-the-art CNC (computer numerical control) production technology, high-quality drum rings can be made even from small pieces of off-cuts. This means wood from the entire tree trunk can be used, with no waste. The jigsaw puzzle-like wooden joints which were developed for this purpose not only ensure maximum stability, but look very decorative. The dark oval inlays are made of extremely hard Wenge wood.

In the HEDge, traditional craftsmanship and expertise working together with contemporary production technology has created a musical instrument of the highest standard.

The isolatHED technology was developed by Christian as a way to isolate the drum head from the body of the drum in order to minimise the interference of vibrations from the drum shell with the performance of the skin.

To change the drum head, loosen the tuning screws and then the complete tuning system can be removed with a small twist to the right. The drumhead can then be popped out and replaced in seconds. Insert the tuning system again, turn it slightly to the left until it stops, and the tuning screws can be tightened and tuned again. You can see a quick video of the process on Christian’s site here, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Blackwell Original Drums are pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Christian Hedwitschak products for Great Britain.  We carry the full range of his CoreLine bodhráns in stock and now the HEDge drums, in addition to all HED beaters, cases and accessories.

This listing is for the HEDge drum only, the beater is included in the photo only for scale comparison between the models. See all Christian’s beaters here, and buy a drumstand here.

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Weight 1.64 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 14 cm


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