Bodhrán Workshop De-Brief

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Bodhrán, Workshop | 2 comments

We had a great time and very busy one at the Ely Folk Festival, running our Beginner’s Bodhrán workshop, catching various performances, Morris dancing with Coton Morris Men, and meeting up with collaborators and friends like Cormac Byrne, Evan Carson, Rowan Piggott and more.

We had about 35 participants at the workshop, introducing them to the fundamentals of playing the bodhrán and a basic jig rhythm.  Many participants brought their own instruments and John brought his own collection along as well for folks to use or try out – our four BOD demo drums, a Cormac Byrne Talking Bodhrán, as well as more traditional wooden framed drums with natural skins.

Nicky Stockman, who plays with John as part of the Dennis Cuddles Starlight Ceilidh Band, joined us with her melodeon to play for the group so participants could practice and get a sense of what it’s like to play a session with other musicians.

We are looking forward to doing more of this kind of workshop in the future.  If you were there, we would love to have your feedback!  Leave a comment here below, or use the contact form linked in the right hand column of the page.


  1. Liz Rhodes

    Could you do a workshop like this for youngsters John? I know a few who would love it.

    • boddrums

      Hi Liz, sounds like fun. What would you have in mind? Do you want to contact me directly on my email and we can work this out off line. xx John


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