At the Ely Folk Festival Saturday 8 July

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Events | 0 comments

John Blackwell, designer and founder of Blackwell Original Drums, will be at the Ely Folk Festival this weekend, with a Beginner’s Bodhrán workshop on Saturday.

He will be attempting the impossible: to introduce attendees to the bodhrán in 50 minutes or less! As of midnight Friday night, the plan is to teach how to hold the drum and the beater, some basic strokes and a quick Jig rythm, to talk and demonstrate briefly some of the variations in sound possible with different drums, skins, beaters and the hand, and then invite participants to join a session with guest melodian player and fiddler.

Come join us at the Ely Folk Festival, in Marquee 3 on Saturday at 12:30.


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