What is a BODdrum?

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What is a BODdrum, and what does it sound like?

We started with a traditional bodhrán size and shape, but made it of spun aluminium and fitted a synthetic snare or tom drum head. The sound is a revelation – very bright, loud and full of attack. This opens up a whole new sound world, one without boundaries: with a BODdrum you can move beyond traditional and folk music to play jazz and world music. Any fusion you can imagine, the sound of this drum can take you there – drums without boundaries.

John Blackwell, designer and founder of Blackwell Original Drums (BOD), talks and plays through the range of BODdrums – 14, 16 and 18 inch, the range of beaters, and the two different drum heads offered as standard. Hear for yourself the possibilities and differences of a BODdrum.

[wpvideo 61B1tjYb]

Interested to learn more? See our product listings about the BODdrums and the range of beaters. If you are interested in purchasing a drum or any of our accessories, need to discuss your needs and ideas for customisation, or would like to set up a meeting so you can try out the drums yourself, contact us, and we can help.


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