BODDrums Now at Hobgoblin Music

by | Aug 29, 2020 | BODdrum, Product News | 0 comments

BODdrums is pleased and proud to announce that our classic 14 inch BODdrums can be seen, tried out and purchased at Hobgoblin Music shops in London, Canterbury and Brighton.  The drums are also available through their on-line shop.

Hobgoblin Music are the premier retailer of instruments to the folk music world.  Founded in 1976, theirs is the classic story of not being able to find the products they wanted for themselves, so they created a business to source and retail instruments for folk musicians from amateur to professional.

They proudly support the unique traditional music heritage of the British Isles, but keep up with the vibrant contemporary folk music scene.  Besides their nine bricks and mortar shops, Hobgoblin’s pop-up shops are a fixture at all major UK folk festivals.

We think it speaks volumes for the quality of our BODdrums and their relevance to contemporary folk music that Hobgoblin has chosen to offer them in their shops and on-line.



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