Snakewood Tippers

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We have expanded our range of Snakewood beaters here at BOD, and oh, are they beauties!  Christmas gifts, anyone?

Snakewood is one of the most valuable woods in the world, and also one of the hardest and most dense, which makes it perfect for turning beaters of more slender design and shape. And the markings are just gorgeous.  When you look at the photo galleries on the product pages, do open them up to full size so you can see those markings.

Stevie Moises has found a source for very high quality snakewood.  In his own words,

I guarantee snakewood tippers in the highest quality. This means an even surface, no cracks or splits, and a beautiful, consistent “snaky” pattern all over the tipper. All tippers receive a natural wax finish to bring out the full beauty of this wonderful wood. I am very proud and happy to offer the following snakewood tippers in brilliant quality – an optical delight and a pleasure to the ear!

From top to bottom in the photo below, the three new tippers are the Snakewood SW 5, Snakewood SW2 and Snakewood SW 4.

If the shapes look familiar, you’re right… they are similar to some of the Makassar beaters we have carried for the past few years. Each product description page includes a few comments comparing the Snakewood to the Makassar beater of similar design, and photos of the two side by side, to help you choose your beaters.

In addition to the three models just arrived, don’t forget the Snakewood SW 1, a simple, slender, straight stick beater 24 cm long with gently rounded ends.





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