Snakewood SW 5

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Snakewood double ended beater with short, distinctly ovoid 13mm diameter ends and a 7mm diameter mid section. 22.5 cm long and 19 grams. Note: This product is discontinued, this is final stock.

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Snakewood is one of the most valuable woods in the world, and also one of the densest and heaviest, making it ideal for drum beaters, particularly for the more long and slender traditional style tippers which Stevie Moises makes.

Note: due to diminishing supplies of Snakewood, Stevie will be discontinuing this tipper. As of 29 May 2024 we have our final stock of the SW5. Take a look at the Makassar ME-5 as an alternative.

The Snakewood SW 5 is a traditional double ended beater, with short, distinctly ovoid 13mm diameter ends and a proportionally longer mid section of 7mm diameter. Lighter in hand than the SW 4, but the with the weight concentrated in the bulbous ends, it will give a much more pronounced bass sound, and plenty of attack. The SW 5 is 22.5 cm long and 19 grams.

In comparison with the Makassar ME-5, the Snakewood SW 5 has a more slender midsection, is 0.5 cm shorter and a gram heavier.  See photo gallery images of the SW 5 and ME-5 side by side.

The beautiful markings of snakewood mean every tipper is unique – see the two different tippers in our photos!  The finish is silky smooth, with a natural wax finish to bring up the full beauty of this wood.  Stevie guarantees the quality of his snakewood tippers, to have an even surface with no cracks or splits and beautiful markings.  On his own site, Stevie says

I am very proud and happy to offer the snakewood tippers in brilliant quality – an optical delight and a pleasure to the ear!

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