Custom Finishes

The standard finish on our BODdrums is a matte black powder-coat finish giving a really cool and stunning appearance; no other bodhrán style drum looks anything like this. The powder-coat finish is to a full automotive standard, hard and reliable.

Moving away from the standard matte black powder coat finish we can do just about anything. In the background of the header photo above you can see a stack of aluminium drum bodies, waiting to be sent on for finishing.

In addition to powder-coating in any colour of the rainbow offered on the RAL Colour Palette, or even choosing to go with the natural silver aluminium with a protective clear coating, you can choose to have your drum airbrushed, anodised, etched, plated or polished in virtually any pattern or finish you like: we have artists on call to help.  If you play with a rock band and want an edgy flame pattern or the band’s logo and name, play with a Morris side and you want a painting of the side or a design in your side’s colours on your drum, if you just have an image or colour scheme for a starting point, no problem. Custom finishes are limited only by your imagination.  We may need to double check with our suppliers if it gets truly outrageous, but tell us about it and we’ll see what we can do.  As far as we are concerned, just about anything should be possible till proven otherwise!

Custom finishes cost more but your drum will be truly unique, both in sound and appearance.

We particularly love the airbrush finishes achieved by our airbrush artist, Hurricane Airbrush Art.  They painted the Harlequin patterned 14″ BODdrum featured on the home page and throughout the site, which is my own go-to drum for ceilidhs and accompanying Morris sides in any weather. They also paint the finish on Cormac’s Talking Bodhrans.  The detail, depth of colour and lustre are simply gorgeous, and again, the finish is a full automotive standard.

We invited Hurricane to go mad on three BODdrums just for fun, and two of those are for sale on our Uniques page.  The third is the 16 inch red “Stars” drum featured here, which is just stunning, especially in contast with the black hydraulic skin, and I ended up keeping this one for myself.  Every Hurricane Airbrushed BODdrum is signed and numbered, a unique collector’s item as well as a simply fabulous instrument to play with.

Have a question or interested in buying a drum or discussing a special finish?  Download our Price List from the right hand sidebar, then contact us and we’ll help out.