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by | Jul 3, 2018 | Events, Product News, Udu | 1 comment

BOD are really pleased to announce our prototype Udu is ready to play with, and will be on the road with us at the festivals this summer.  We would love you to come have a play and tell us what you think.

Made with a spherical pot-belly and a medium length neck, the upper opening has a rolled lip and the belly hole is polished smooth, but otherwise unfinished.  Like the BODdrum, our Udu is spun aluminium.

When we tried playing with the shiny aluminium Udu before it had any finish, it shot right out of our lap at the first thump, so we chose a slightly grainy textured powder coating, and we are pleased to report it is more inclined to hold still and be played now.  The warm red orangey colour is a slight reference to the traditional pottery udus, but modern and eye-catching from across a room or on a stage.  We are already imagining lots more finishing possibilities such as anodizing, airbrushing, laser etching, and matte versus glossy or metallic paint finishes.

We are off tomorrow to Bungay, for the World Music Workshop Festival, and here are all the venues and dates where you will find us:

World Music Workshop Festival  formerly known as Drum Camp, near Bungay, Suffolk, 5-8 July

Ely Folk Festival  in Ely, Cambridgeshire, 13 – 15 July
John will also be running a beginner’s bodhrán workshop on Sunday morning

Wickham Festival  near Fareham, Hampshire, 2 – 5 August

Folk East at Glenham Hall, Little Glemham Suffolk, 17 – 19 August

Megan will be with us in Ely – she hoped there might be dog treats in the Udu, but no luck, only musical treats in store.  Do come see us at the festivals!


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  1. Barry

    Fantastic work! Udu drums that don’t break…. yes please .



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