How to Do a BOD Udu

by | Jul 1, 2024 | BOD, Product News, Udu | 0 comments

BOD’s new Udu has provoked lots of interest, thank you!

We are fascinated that at the festivals, when people saw the BOD Udu, they immediately picked it up for a cuddle and instinctively began messing about and making music with no hesitation whatsoever.

But seeing it in a photo, on the website, it seems to stump folks.  So, John has made a short video to just demonstrate some of the basic ways you can play your Udu.


If you’d like to come along for an Udu cuddle, or see our fabulous range of traditional and modern bodhráns, don’t forget we will be at the festivals this summer, including Warwick, Folk East, Towersey and Music Worldwide Summer Camp.  Check out the full details in our Festival Season blog post.  We will be running workshops at most festivals, too.



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