Great Changes at BOD Drums

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Events, Product News | 0 comments

BOD’s relocation is nearly complete, we expect to be fully back in business by mid April.

During this hiatus we have taken the chance to review both our business and the current business environment and make some grand plans for the future, which have necessitated some changes.

First and foremost, you may notice we have removed the price list from our website for now, as we need to review our pricing.  We hope to have that back up within the week.

With the final exit of Britain from the EU our suppliers and ourselves are all having to review our costs to reflect the changes in tax and customs regulations and perhaps changes in supply chains as well.

Given the changed economic environment and our plans for the future, we are now VAT registered.  Fundamentally this means 20% of every sale within the UK must be handed over to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.  We will not simply be increasing prices by 20%, don’t worry, but we do need to work out a new price structure that makes sense given all these changes.

For those of you outside the UK, an ex-VAT price will be offered, but it is possible you will be asked to pay taxes or other charges by your own country, and you will need to consult your own tax authorities to understand that possible expense.

On a more fun and cheerful note, we have begun contacting festival operators, and hope to be able to sell at folk festivals around England later in the summer. Stay tuned for those announcements as the pandemic precautions hopefully can be wound down and these kinds of events go forward.

Finally, we have some potential new instruments in design, and again, as the pandemic recedes and a more normal business environment returns, we hope to finalise our wonderful Udu design and get that into production, and begin prototyping some other fun instruments.

So we are looking forward to not just a return to business as normal but to business as something bigger and better in the coming year. Remember you can keep up with the news by subscribing to this blog – see the sidebar for a signup widget – and by following us on Facebook.




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