More Festival News for BODdrums

In addition to the three festivals already announced, we have added another event to our calendar this summer: from the 17th to 19th August come find us at Folk East at Glemham Hall in Suffolk.  Besides a great line up of live music, this festival has some great parallel activities, including an Art Arcade, Gardeners Cornered and the Instrumental Festival, where you will find us.

Now in it’s fourth year, this makers festival is growing in both participants and reputation and attracting the country’s finest instrument makers. It has become a magnet for both audience and artists alike.

Meanwhile, a new shipment of drum shells and tuning rings has arrived, and John is busy prepping them to send to the powder coaters, so we will have a good supply of all our drums ready for you to take home from the festival.

Work also progresses on a few new instruments, and we remain optimistic we will have prototypes for you to play with and maybe even something new for sale!

Do come visit us – we will have “testers” of all our instruments available for you to have a play and hear for yourself how our drums take you beyond the boundaries of traditional instruments and traditional folk music.


Comments? Questions?

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