Traditional Beaters

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BOD have added some traditional double-ended styles to our range of beaters.  As always, our beaters are beautifully hand crafted from fine woods by Stevie Moises, and are wonderfully balanced in the hand.

All three are made of beautiful macassar, a very hard and heavyweight wood which is as dark as ebony but with a subtle striping of lighter tones and a more accessible price. These beaters will take aggressive playing styles and rim shots with ease.

Two styles, the ME4 and ME5, are ideal for double ended playing and are 23 cm long.  Whereas the ME4 (on the right in the photos) has heavy 11.5 mm ends that both taper very gradually to an 8mm diameter mid section, the ME5 (on the left) has distinctly ovoid ends which leave a longer mid section of 8mm diameter.  You will find the ME5 a bit lighter in hand, but the short heavy bulbs (13 mm diameter) at each end can give you a more pronounced and attack-ier bass sound.

The third style is the ME-A (centre in our photos) which is designed for single ended playing, but can be used double ended with rather different effects from each end.  With an overall length of 26 cm, the tip is 9.5 mm in diameter, narrows quite shortly to a waist of just 7 mm, and then gradually widens to a 13 mm diameter butt end.  Stevie suggests this one for fast playing and precise attack.

After several years of relying on our own BOD Beater and the full range of the MoGrip series, we are having a lot of fun playing around with these and learning what a trad stick can do in combination with such an un-traditional take on the bodhrán as the BOD Drum.  And of course they sound great on traditional bodhráns too!

Come see us at the Ely Folk Festival and try them out on our drums or your own!  If you can’t make the festival, you can of course order them through our website – see the Purchasing page and download the price list there or from the link in the side bar.



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