Renegade Rhythms Bodhrán HC 659

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39 cm x 10.5 cm wooden shell (15 3/8 x 4 1/8 inches) Renegade Rhythms HC 659-23 bodhrán with natural goat skin and 6 point tuning system. Shell is finished with hand made paper in a primarily blue and oatmeal coloured marbelised pattern. Supplied with Allen key tuning wrench and carrying case. See full details below.

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39 cm x 10.5 cm shell (15 3/8 x 4 1/8 inches) Renegade Rhythms bodhrán, hand made by Mog in rural England. Unique ID number HC 659-23. Each drum is strictly one of a kind, when this is sold, we won’t be able to source the identical item again!

The wooden drum shell is covered with hand made paper in a primarily blue and oatmeal coloured marbelised pattern, and finished with two coats of exterior varnish. Please see photo gallery for close-ups of the finish and colours, bearing in mind all monitors vary.

The goat skin has been individually selected for weight, durability, appearance and tonal qualities; as a natural product, each skin will have its own unique markings. The skin is finished with a hand cut scalloped edge and fixed to the shell with antique brass tack heads, which complement the beautiful marbelised pattern of the shell.

The drum skin is not taped, allowing the full play of harmonic sound across the skin. Renegade Rhythms’ bodhráns are tuneable via an internal metal ring set with six durable tuning blocks that can be adjusted with an Allen key (supplied).

The bodhrán comes with a carrying case of black ripstop nylon canvas with an exterior tipper pocket and both a shoulder strap and carrying handles. The interior has a lightweight padding covered with a red plush material.

Please note that we will ship your drum tuned down a bit, so the skin is not too tight whilst in transit, in case of adverse conditions.

Caring for your Renegade Rhythms Bodhrán

The natural goat skin needs to be cared for and protected from the elements, much like a fine leather jacket or shoes. If the skin is not regularly cared for, it will eventually dry out and may even crack or split. Every three to four months of play we recommend you apply a very small quantity – start with just a drop or two – of either a very basic unscented moisturiser (for example Boots Simple) or pure Camellia oil to keep the skin supple and in good condition. Apply the oil by hand or with a rag to the outside (playing side) only. We cannot emphasise enough – apply sparingly.

Bear in mind that dry heat is the greatest enemy – do not store your drum near a source of heat, or leave it in a hot car. If you will not be using it for a while, back off the tuning whilst in storage.

If the worst happens, Mog does offer a re-skinning service. Contact us here at BOD and we can get a quote for you.

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