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Hard outer shell and a strong foam interior together offer the ultimate in protection for your 14 inch drum. 3 clips on adjustable webbing straps shut the case snugly and accomodate drums of various depths. Comfortable carry grip at the top and concave bottom ensures stability when set down. Black only.

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For us at Blackwell Original Drums, it was an absolute no-brainer, if you want a hard case for your drum then HARDCASE is the one to get. Currently we offer the one size, custom made by HARDCASE for our 14” BODdrum.

The design features a strong foam interior in both the lid and base of the case to protect, locate and hold the BODdrum. This feature of full foam protection together with the hard outer shell offers the ultimate in protection for your drum.

The 14” BODdrum fits snugly between the two shells of the case. The lid of the case can be completely removed by undoing three clips on webbing straps, which are adjustable to ensure that the drum is tightly wedged between the foam interiors, no matter how deep your drum shell. There is a comfortable carry grip at the top of the case and the concave bottom surface ensures that the case is stable when set down.

Only available in black – but as it’s going to be knocked around at gigs and sessions or loose in the back of the van you wouldn’t want it otherwise … would you?

Established in 1992, HARDCASE is extremely proud to be a British manufacturer. Their products are designed and produced in the heart of England by a dedicated team, who pride themselves on offering one of the world’s most highly recognised and in demand rigid plastic drum cases.

HARDCASE is so confident of the brand, they offer a Lifetime Warranty against their products for any fault that can be deemed as either a design or manufacturing process failure.

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