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A split tipper with a central core and four flanks which produces a very distinct clicking sound with a deep bass. Approx 24 grams and 26 cm in length.

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We introduced the ClickMo at the festivals a few summers back and promptly sold out, including John’s personal ClickMo! This is a split tipper with a central core and four flanks. This design produces a very distinct clicking sound with a deep bass whether you are playing very lightly or more powerfully. With a beautifully tapered shape it is comfortable to hold and play in a variety of styles. Approx 24 grams and 26 cm in length.

Note that the ClickMo and N-EF 8 have the same head, but the N-EF 8 is a double ended beater, if you think that might better suit your own playing style.

The Mo-Grip Series

Inspired by the “baby grip” innovation in the bodhrán scene some years back, Stevie Moises designed a tipper grip that is optimized specifically for this playing style: The MoGrip! The design was then adjusted slightly to make it suitable for all other playing styles as well, allowing you to hold it in any desired way.

The signature feature of the Mo-Grip is a ball-shaped part in just the right position – the MoBall – which allows you to hold the tipper loosely but retain control, and ensures the tipper doesn’t slip, which is particularly helpful for beginners using this playing style. With the Mo-Grip series, the musician can use the same grip for all types of tippers. Whether you use a hot rod, a clicker, a brush or simply a classic stick – the grip will always feel the same.

Stevie has determined the optimum weight and length of each tipper in relation to the fixed point of the MoBall. The MoGrips are hollow-drilled from the back, to balance the total weight optimally in relation to the head weight. This hole has another useful purpose: it is tuned to concert pitch “A” (440 Hz) if you blow it like a panpipe.

Thanks to the stability of the grip and the resulting shorter length of the individual rods of the MoGrip rod tippers, only one single O ring is required to adjust the click behavior.

All wooden rods are treated with a hard oil wax finish. Bamboo rods are left natural.

We recommend you transport your Mo-Grip hot rods with the O-ring placed at the front (so that the tipper is closed) to avoid damage.

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