Christian Hedwitschak CoreLine Mini

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Ideal for children, or as a compact travel drum, the Christian Hedwitschak CoreLine Mini is a 30 cm drum which still delivers a full sound.

30 cm diameter, 12 cm deep, approx 1000 grams, black cherry veneer. Tool-less 3 point tuning system. Tapered skin mounted flush with outer frame and taped for a harmonic sound.

Blackwell Original Drums are pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Christian Hedwitschak products for Great Britain.  We carry the full range of his CoreLine bodhráns in stock.

As the name CoreLine suggests, these models are high-quality instruments focused on what is essential, on the core of the matter. A CoreLine model is an all-purpose tool, not bound to a certain sound or a specific playing style, which is why the CoreLine is a great choice for both beginners, learning and developing their own style, and more experienced players who are looking for an outstanding drum at the best possible price.

As a master cabinet maker and an experienced bodhrán player himself, Christian drew from the very core of his experience and competency in bodhrán making and playing to design the CoreLine.

  • From the choice of material to the construction of the frame and the finish of the surfaces, all components and details are perfectly balanced for a brilliant playing experience.
  • “EdlauerSelect” Premium Goatskins are produced and refined exclusively for Hedwitschak drums by a world leading skin manufacturer. The process is carried out in accordance with Christian’s own specifications, and each skin is individually selected to suit the different CoreLine models.
  • Christian designed the multipoint tuning system to work smoothly for precise, quick and easy tuning, and to create an even tension across the skin.
  • Thanks to the skilful shaping of the inner part of the tuning rim, the hand nestles naturally into place rendering the drum very comfortable to play.
  • The high quality of the CoreLine is emphasised by the choice of a beautiful black cherry veneer, or the stunning black Makassar. Combined with flush to the rim skin mounting, the design of the CoreLine bodhrán demonstrates simple elegance and timelessness.

The CoreLine range includes 8 models.

Drum only, beater included in photo for scale comparison between the models.

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 12 cm


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