Protection Racket Cases

Possibly not wildly exciting from the front

We searched extensively to find the very best soft case for our BODdrums, and even considered making our own, but nothing came close to Protection Racket’s cases. Excellent padded protection, looks good, comfortable, practical, and for the 14” BODdrum it’s easy ‘carry on’ luggage for the international gigs.  Protection Racket describe their workmanship:

When it comes to construction of our drum cases there is no compromise in material quality. A lot of thought, experience and rigorous testing goes into every case. From concept to design to production can take up to 18 months and every case is put through its paces by Team Protection Racket. By the time it’s reached the shops we have 100% confidence in its performance.

And that’s exactly what we’ve found at BOD: these cases are tough, durable and so well thought out, this is the only soft case that we recommend for the BODdrum. The designs feature high abrasion resistance polyester outer material, Propile non-abrasive synthetic fleece interiors, a layer of foam in between, and more.  Read full details of Protection Racket’s construction and materials on their site.

But the interior padding and construction throughout is superb

We appreciate having both a sturdy top handle and back-pack style carry straps, and the pouch for business or travel card.  Inside there is a fleece divider to create a flat space for additional storage away from the drum, and there is also a generous external pocket.

And a really useful backside

Perfect soft case protection for the BODdrum and beaters.  We supply as standard 14”, 16” and 18” versions to fit our range of BODdrums.  A Protection Racket soft case is also included in the Talking Bodhrán or BOD Drum packages.




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