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Single ended hot rod style bundle of seagrass blades with O ring to manage the effect.  24 cm long. Approx 38 grams.

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The BODGrass is, we think, unique in the market: a bundle of seagrass strands which create a classic brush on snare drum sound. Think of wire brushes on a snare drum in a classic swing rhythm, the sort of riff that would accompany Marilyn Monroe down the street, and you will get the idea.

Whereas Stevie Moises’ NEF 3 through 7 brush series combines the swishing sound of the bristles with the attack of a traditional wooden tipper, the BODGrass gives a pure brush sound right from the first attack. Similarly, if you compare it with our own BODBass, the BODGrass attacks as a brush in contrast to the velvety initial attack of the BODBass, and has a generally lighter, cleaner, more articulate swishiness, with more presence and a jazzier feel than the BODBass or other brushes.

We are in love with our BODGrass, and honestly cannot recall another beater that gives quite this sound.  Everyone who had a play with the prototype was fascinated – and placed orders!

The BODGrass comes with an O-ring so you can create your preferred sound: taking the O ring down close to the end creates the effect of a more solid beater, push the O ring up closer to the grip to open up the seagrass bundle for a wonderful jazzy swishy brush sound.

Be sure to listen to the sound bites on the Demos tab to hear the BODGrass on three different bodhráns, and then to hear the BODBright, BODBass and BODGrass all played on a BODdrum for a direct comparison of our three latest beaters.

The BODGrass is a 24 cm long bundle of seagrass strands, approximately 38 grams of weight.  The weight reading when we put this on the scales was a real surprise – it handles like a much lighter beater, lively and comfortable in the hand.

The BODGrass beater is made to our design by Stevie Moises and available exclusively from BODdrums.

Evan Carson, bodhrán player and percussionist, plays around with the BODGrass beater. You can see and hear the fun he's having with it, first on his Cormac Byrne Talking Drum and then on his Christian Hedwitschak CoreLine bodhrán.

The BODGrass played on our own 14 inch BODdrum with centre spot edge-control head, then on a very traditional 15 inch wooden frame and goatskin bodhrán from Renegade Rhythms, and finally on a Rolf Wegels Edition bodhrán, with 40 cm x 15.3 cm wooden frame and taped lambeg skin (made by Christian Hedwitschak).

Here, we play our three latest beaters on a BODdrum so you can clearly hear the differences between the BODBright, BODBass and BODGrass. Enjoy!

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