Catherine Shaw with a BODGrass in the Dining Room

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Beaters, BODdrum | 0 comments

We had a few mates around for a session and took the opportunity to try out our new BODBass, BODBright and BODGrass beaters in an ensemble setting.  We had lots of fun, and enjoyed all three when accompanied by melodeon, fiddle, guitar and vocals in various combinations.

But the stand out for us was the BODGrass to accompany vocals, so much so we invited our singer back to record the number.

So please enjoy, Rachel Wilkinson singing the delightful song “Catherine Shaw” (or “Catherine Shore” as it is also known), written by Roger Watson, accompanied by John Blackwell on a 14 inch BODdrum with centre spot edge control head, and the BODGrass beater.

We love how the BODGrass punctuates Rachel’s singing without overwhelming her lovely voice.




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