BODdrum in the Snow

by | Mar 1, 2018 | BODdrum | 0 comments

The whole idea of the BODdrum design came about from John’s experience playing drum outdoors for ceilidhs, folk bands or Morris dancers.  In a downpour, he cringed not only at the thought of the damage to his lovely wood and goat skin traditional bodhráns, but at the sound that was slowly going off in response to rain, humidity, dryness or other extreme conditions.

Hence, the creation of an aluminium shell and synthetic skin drum which would hold its tune in any weather.

This week, Old Blighty obligingly gave us a chance to prove this. The in-the-hailstones video lost sound quality due to the howling wind and rattles of the hailstones on the patio, but when we put it to the test in a gentle but very determined heavy snow fall, you can hear the BODdrum, still in tune and fun to play.

When we dreamed up our tag line “Imagining drums without boundaries” we were thinking of how the BODdrum can move easily between sound worlds and drumming traditions, but weather conditions are also no limit to what you can do with a BODdrum.

[wpvideo IhpCKuwx]


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