Mo-Grip Series

Inspired by the “baby grip” innovation in the bodhrán scene some years back, Stevie Moises designed a tipper grip that is optimized specifically for this playing style: The MoGrip! The design was then adjusted slightly to make it suitable for all other playing styles as well, allowing you to hold it in any desired way.

What makes the MoGrip series special is that the musician can use the same grip for all types of tippers. Whether you use a hot rod, a clicker, a brush or simply a classic stick – the grip will always feel the same.

For weight distribution reasons, the MoGrips are hollow-drilled from the back. This is necessary to balance the total weight optimally in relation to the head weight. To give this hole another useful purpose, it is tuned to the concert pitch “A” (440 Hz) if you blow it like a panpipe.

Thanks to the stability of the grip and the resulting smaller length of the individual rods of the MoGrip rod tippers, only one single O ring is required to adjust the click behavior.

All wooden rods are treated with a hard oil wax finish. Bamboo rods are an exception, because this type of finishing would not result in an improvement of these rods.

We recommend you transport your MoGrip hot rods with the O-ring placed at the front (so that the tipper is closed) to avoid damage.


The MellMo is a perfect tipper for playing along to songs or very quiet tunes. Its soft, brush-like attack is accompanied by a deep bassy overall sound, the intensity of which can be controlled very accurately down to a really fine amount, depending on how hard and at which angle you hit the drum. The way the tipper is built makes it very stable, which in turn allows for very precise and speedy playing. All this is made possible by the seamless transition from dowel to brush. 19 bamboo dowels of 3mm each, split at the end. Approx 25 grams, 24.5 cm long


The JazzMo brings together 33 walnut dowels of 2mm diameter each to produce a slightly less sharp clicking sound; depending on the position of the rubber ring, the sound ranges from jazzy to smooth. This beater also has a lot of rebound and can produce great “plop!” sounds when closed! Approx 25 grams, 24.5 cm long


The RockMo is one of our favourites with the BODDrum and is the “rock star” of the series, as it can be used to produce a very loud, powerful click. Less suitable for sessions, but so much the better for use on stage! 7 walnut dowels of 5mm each, approx 28 grams, 24.5 cm long


We introduced the ClickMo at the festivals a couple summers back and promptly sold out, including John’s personal ClickMo! A little different from our other beaters, this is a split tipper with a central core and four flanks. This design produces a very distinct clicking sound whether you are playing very lightly or more powerfully. With a beautifully tapered shape it is comfortable to hold and play in a variety of styles. Approx 24 grams and 26 cm in length.


For a warm, velvety sound that still carries, the Feltmo is ideal. The 15mm felt ball makes a gentle attack, but a full more bass-y sound in the playing, and of course no clicking. Beautiful olive wood, 26 cm long, approx 20 grams.

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