Makassar Tippers

As exclusive resellers in Great Britain for Stevie Moises Tippers, we will be carrying his full line of tippers and beaters as fast as he can make them and ship them over!  He offers over 50 different models, all of which can be seen on his own website TipperMaker.

We currently have stock of three of Stevie’s more traditional double ended style tippers that we think work well with the BODdrum, as well, of course, with traditional bodhráns, and will be expanding our range in the coming months.

Makassar is a tropical hardwood prized for its density and the beautiful natural chocolate brown and black markings.  Stevie’s makassar beaters are wonderfully balanced in the hand and finished with natural wax for a beautiful and comfortable touch.


A traditional double ended style of beater, the ME-4 is shaped with heavy 11.5 mm diameter ellipsoid ends which taper very gradually to an 8mm mid section. Made of makassar, which is a very hard and heavyweight wood, this will take aggressive playing styles and rim shots in stride. 23 cm long and 21 grams.


The ME-5 is another doubled ended beater made of macassar, but with shorter, distinctly ovoid ends which leave a longer mid section of 8mm diameter. Lighter in hand than the ME-4 but the short heavy bulbs, at 13 mm diameter, can give you a much more pronounced bass sound, full of attack. 23 cm long and 18 grams.


Next is the ME-A which is designed for single end playing but can be used double-ended with strikingly different effects from each end. Great for fast playing and precise attack, the ME-A features a 9.5 mm diameter tip which narrows quite sharply to a waistline of just 7 mm, then gradually widens to a 13 mm diameter butt end. Made of beautiful and tough macassar wood, 26 cm long and 19 grams.

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