Cormac Byrne Bodhrods

Cormac describes his own Bodhrod design as “capable of producing those big warm bass notes but also those tight high pops in the top end.”

Watch and listen to Cormac’s Craiceann video introducing the Talking Bodhrán; he uses a Bodhrod for the first half or so of the session, and you can really hear what he is talking about in the range of sound produced from this one versatile rod.  Find that on our Videos page, together with some wonderful videos of Cormac in performance with UTSAV, an Indian jazz fusion group.

Collaborating with Stevie Moises, Cormac designed the Bodhrod to sit comfortably in the notch between the thumb and palm of your hand, with a non-slip grip. The tension ring can be easily adjusted to produce varying levels of click.

All Bodhrods feature a bundle of 12 x 3mm rods split into two bundles of 5 and 7 rods. Approx 23 cm long and 25 to 27 grams, depending on choice of wood: the lighter weight all maple (CB1), heavier all walnut (CB3) or the Hybrid (CB2) comprised of 5 x walnut and 7 x maple rods.

All three of Cormac Byrne’s Bodhrods are available for individual sale, independently of the Talking Bodhrán drum package, but note that the CB2 Hybrid is included in the Talking Bodhrán kit.

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