BOD Beater

Much as we love and use several of Stevie Moises’s MoGrip beaters, we still wanted something to really play up and play with the unique sound range of the BODdrum.

We worked with Stevie to develop a hot rod style, but with a bit of weight – hence the choice of 8mm of ebony for the centre rod, surrounded by 9 walnut rods of 4mm each. It is double ended so you can play in the kerry style for wonderful triplets, and has O-rings on both ends so you can open up or close down the surrounding rods to create more or less clicky-ness.  24 cm long and approximately 34 mighty grams of weight – that’s 8 to 10 grams more than the other Mo Series beaters!

This beater is available only from BODDrums, you can’t get it anywhere else.

To hear some of our beaters in play, to compare and contrast, go to our Videos page and listen to the BODDrum demo – after a brief introduction of the drum itself, John goes into a demonstration of how it can sound with each of the different beaters. Scroll down the Videos page for another short video that gives you a closer look at the RockMo, JazzMo, MellMo and BODBeaters.

Besides the demo videos mentioned above, go to the MOpHED Bodhrán Practice Pad page, where the second sound bite demonstrates this beater on the practice pad. You can really hear the lovely clicking sound of the walnut rods against the ebony core. While that click may not always be so distinctly audible, it will always add a subliminal depth to your playing sound on any head.

Have a question, or interested in buying a BODbeater?  Download our Price List from the right hand sidebar, then contact us and we’ll help out.