BOD offer a broad range of different beaters, all produced by Stevie Moises of Germany. Stevie is a master woodturner and as a drummer and percussionist has been involved in drum making and of course making his own drumsticks for years. As Christian Hedwitschak’s bodhrán making business grew, he invited Stevie to make tippers for him, and Stevie’s tipper business has grown ever since, to include a full range of tippers, hot rods, brushes and more, over 50 different models.

We have carried a selection of Stevie’s tippers from the start, but we are pleased to now be his exclusive importer and re-seller in Great Britain, and be able to offer his full range, as fast as he can make them and ship them on to us!

To hear some of the MoGrip series in play, to compare and contrast, go to our Videos page and listen to the BODDrum demo – after a brief introduction of the drum itself, John goes into a demonstration of how each of our drums (14″ centre spot, 14″, 16″ and 18″ hydraulic head) can sound with each the RockMo, JazzMo, MellMo and BODBeaters. Scroll further down the Videos page for a short video that gives you a closer look at the RockMo, JazzMo, MellMo and BODBeaters.

BOD Beater

Much as we love and use several of Stevie Moises’s MoGrip beaters, we still wanted something to really play up and play with the unique sound range of the BODdrum.

Cormac Byrne Bodhrods

Cormac describes his own Bodhrod design as “capable of producing those big warm bass notes but also those tight high pops in the top end.”

Mo-Grip Series

Inspired by the “baby grip” innovation in the bodhrán scene some years back, Stevie Moises designed a tipper grip that is optimized specifically for this playing style: The MoGrip!

Makassar Tippers

Traditional double ended beaters made of the beautiful Makassar wood, prized for its density.

Brush Tippers

As Stevie says, the “big thing” about his brush tippers is that you can combine the swishing sound of the bristles with the attack of a traditional wooden tipper.

Felt and Split Tippers

Felt and split tippers make some wonderful special effect sounds with very little effort – Stevie Moises’ tippers do the work for you.


HedRods are designed to produce the powerful sound of the kit drummer’s hot rod, but in the hand of a bodhrán player.