Talking Sound Bar

The Talking Sound Bar is a completely unique product, developed by Blackwell Original Drums in partnership with Cormac Byrne, for use exclusively with the Talking Bodhrán.   Now, it is available for individual purchase, for use with all our BODdrums.

This might look like your classic pint pot from the pub, but in fact it is made of heavy gauge aluminium, finished with a glossy black automotive grade powder coating.  It took months of experimentation and many prototypes before we got just the right size, shaping, weight and finish to give us the incredible range of sounds possible with the Sound Bar.

Hold it horizontally across the back of the skin and you can get longer, more sustained notes and bass tones than are normally possible with a traditional bodhrán.  Use it open or closed end-on to create a fantastic barrage of mid-range tones and popping sounds – the “talking” effect that Cormac loves.

A recent blog post about the Sound Bar featured an informal video of Cormac performing during a photo session, and is a great demonstration of the soundscape possible with the Sound Bar.

UK Customers can now buy the Talking Sound Bar with a single click from our on-line BOD Shop. For International sales, please see our Purchasing page to check our price list and place your order, we look forward to hearing from you.