New BOD Price List and Catalog

BOD have updated our price list to include the full line of Christian Hedwitschak drums, beaters and accessories now in stock and the full listing of beaters from Stevie Moises.  BOD are proud to be exclusive stockists in Great Britain for these two superb craftsmen.

Additionally, we have created a catalog, also downloadable from the right hand margin, which includes photos and a bit more information about the products than the bare price list.

Why are we doing this, you ask?  Well, as for so many people, this summer didn’t go quite according to plan.  Various unexpected circumstances converged to delay the rollout of our new on line shop website, so these updated documents are our stop gap here until we can get that new site up and running.  Soon, we hope.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your inquiries, and bear in mind we are happy to try to meet up so you can try the drums in person.  We are near Ely, Cambridge and Newmarket, and have a wonderful workshop space for playing the drums.  Alternatively, we may be able to meet you halfway if you can’t come all the way to us, and we are always happy to meet up at a session if you like.

Comments? Questions?

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